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Complete Sewer Line Services in Randolph County, NC

If your home or business is connected to a sewer system, the drains in the house or building feed into a sewer line that connects to the main sewer system. This line is located underground and travels through the property. Maintaining the line is the property owner’s responsibility since it is considered part of the plumbing system. If you’re in Randolph County and experience any problems with your sewer line, you can rely on the professionals at Saunders Plumbing Inc. for fast and experienced service. We offer everything from clearing blockages and cleaning to repair and replacement of lines. Call for a free estimate!

Connection of a pipeline

State of the Art Sewer Line Technology

A backed-up sewer line can be a major headache, so the sooner the problem is resolved, the better. However, there are a variety of reasons why the mainline might be causing you problems. Fortunately, the experts at Saunders Plumbing Inc. have years of experience diagnosing and addressing sewer line problems and use advanced technology to detect and solve them. With our camera inspections, our team can accurately locate the cause of the issue without significant disruption or destruction to your property.

Affordable Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement

We can solve many sewer line problems by cleaning and clearing any blockages. But depending on the age of the line and other environmental factors underground, some sewer lines may require further repair or even replacement. Our team handles all of these for customers in the Randolph County area in NC who are affected by:

Tree Roots

Believe it or not, tree roots can penetrate sewer lines underground and cause problems.

Broken Piping

Shifting soil can cause cracked or broken piping.


Grease and other objects that accidentally end up going down the drain can restrict flow.

Pipe Corrosion

Pipes age over time. Older pipes not made of PVC are susceptible to different types of corrosion that will compromise the pipe’s strength.

Bellied Pipe

Pipes that fall into the ground allow waste to collect rather than continue into the main sewer system.

Leaking Joints

When seals fail, joints, where pipes are connected, allow water and waste to escape from the line.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Sewer Line Service

If you have a residential or commercial sewer line problem in the Randolph County, NC area, contact the licensed and certified crew at Saunders Plumbing Inc.. Our family-owned and operated business have more than three decades of experience serving the area, and we’ll diagnose your sewer issue quickly. Contact us for a free estimate and reliable work.

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